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“Casa al campanile” means home near the bell tower because of its location on a side of Trarego church, exactly in front of the church bell tower. Simply open the windows and look at the tower clock. What time is it? The bell tower has long been a landmarkfor people over centuries. It’s a geographic and moral landmark that overlooks the village. When it is time to enjoy, time to come back to home, sunday or three o’clock…the bell sounds will explain it to you.

Four seasons is Vivaldi’s violin concert. Here is a place where you can catch what Vivaldi described with music. Mountains are the best example of season change: white cold winter, multicolored fresh spring, green hot storming summer, warm brown fragrant autumn.

the home and the village are in the deep Alp woods. The view from the home is wonderful. Skillful painters mix color with love: dark green for woods, light green for grass, dark blue for lake, light blue for sky, white, pink, brown and grey.

“Casa al campanile” is the name of Leonardo’s holiday home. The home is taken care of by Leonardo and his family.